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We Asked Dudes To Describe People Based On Their Flip-Flops

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The Daisy Lady

Brand X Pictures / Getty Images

Patrick: Your bookshelf contains at least three photography books of babies dressed as flowers.

Kirk: You miss the ‘90s, when sunflower patterns were in and adorned everything.

Steven: You wore these under your dress at your wedding, and it was the best decision you made all day.

The Woven Wonder

Lalouetto / Getty Images

Ben: You’re a descendant of some ancient Egyptian prince. Share some of your gold with your friends. Or at least buy everyone some pizzas. We love pizza and as Egyptian royalty, so should you.

Patrick: You did a study abroad in Peru and probably will not shut up about it.

Kirk: You’re on vacation, bought these at a touristy shop, and although you regret the purchase, you’re determined to wear them to seem like a local.

The Bedazzled Belle

Lalouetto / Getty Images

Patrick: These are the only shoes you own that don’t have 5-inch heels. You want to make sure everyone knows you are fancy, even at the beach. SLAY.

Kirk: You have a weird sandal tan.

Steven: You have jewel studded jeans. You wear these unironically.

The Fringed Femme

Lalouetto / Getty Images

Ben: You are Pocahontas. Wait, are you really Pocahontas? Why didn’t you tell me? That’s so cool.

Kirk: You are 0% Native American.

Steven: You're an accountant by day and a musical festival enthusiast by night.

The Hearted Heroine

Arinahabich / Getty Images

Kirk: Your significant other just didn’t know what to get you for Valentine’s Day. (You’ve since broken up.)

Patrick: You loved playing MASH in middle school. Let’s face it, you love playing MASH now.

Steven: You have matching underwear. And sheets. And car seats.

The Ribboned Rebel

Karandaev / Getty Images

Kirk: You are posing as a high school or college student as part of an undercover gig. Your house is tastefully decorated, as is your summer home.

Patrick: You have a set of china that matches these sandals, because that’s how on top of it you are.

Kirk: You enjoy discomfort, and you’re probably wearing capris.

The Leather Lad

Bochimsang / Getty Images

Kirk: You’re wearing khaki shorts right now, and your feet are hairier than most.

Ben: You love a good BBQ. And who doesn’t? You get to slip on these bad boys, sit back in a lawn chair, and relax. Meanwhile, I’m at work. Can we BBQ later? Also, can I borrow your sandals?

Patrick: You probably like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

The Beach Bum

Kenishirotie / Getty Images

Ben: You were totally the kid in elementary school that loved to use the brightest crayons, no matter how impractical it may have seemed to make trees blue and the sky orange. You think outside the box and color outside the lines.

Kirk: You’ve given up.

Patrick: You know the odds of you drunkenly losing one of these flip-flops at the party is pretty great, so you’re not gonna put too much into this.

The Blue Bombshell

Lalouetto / Getty Images

Kirk: This person actually has their sh*t together...and all her friends kind of hate her for it.

Ben: This person has excellent hygiene. Her feet smell like fresh lilac.

Patrick: These are your brunch sandals. You are a person who does brunch, and you're very popular.

The Ruffled Renegade

Fuse / Getty Images

Kirk: This person thinks feet are fun! (They're not.)

Ben: The rest of this person’s outfit looks exactly the same as the sandals: frilly, fun, and...loud.

Patrick: You have a matching floral bathing cap and a lime green one-piece, and you wear both while you sit by your pool and sip boxed margarita. Also, it’s 1956.

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