19 Lessons About The Holidays From Our Favorite Christmas Movies

The holidays aren’t just for celebrating — they’re also a time for learning! Check out a few of the life lessons we’ve picked up along the way from our favorite Christmas flicks, and for more ways to kick your celebrations up a notch, click here.

1. Really Think About The Size Of Tree You're Going Get, Because You're The One Who Has To Bring It Home

2. In Fact, Sometimes Small Trees Are The Best!

3. Don't Expect To Get The One Thing You Really Want Because Chances Are, Lots Of Other People Want It Too

4. It's A Bad Idea To Insult A Person If You Need Their Help

5. Just Because Someone Points To You While They're Singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You," Doesn't Mean They Actually Do

6. The Sleigh You Build Will Never Fly Through The Sky The Way You Want It To

7. But Don't Spend Christmas By Yourself, Either. It's Mega Sad

8. It May Not Seem Like Your Relatives Will Ever Leave, But We Promise They Will

9. If You Want To Spend Christmas With Your Crush, Kiss Someone Else On National Television. They'll Come Rushing Over!

10. Be Nice And Let People Be Excited About Snow, Even If You Hate It

11. If Santa Doesn't Want To Give You Something, There's Probably A Good Reason Why

12. The Best Parties Are Always On Trains

13. Always Face The Doorway When You're Dancing To Christmas Songs

14. Santa Won't Know If You've Been Good Unless You Tell Him

15. Everyone Has A Different Opinion On What The Birth Of Baby Jesus Was Like

16. The Best Christmas Song Is NOT "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

17. You're Going To Eat Too Much, And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

18. All The Answers To Life's Biggest Questions Can Be Found In Snowglobes

19. And For God Sakes, Get An Eco-Friendly Tote. It's 2012.

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