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17 Things You Hear At Every British Family Meal

Every family's different — but some things never change. Avoid these family mealtime dramas with Stand ‘N' Stuff Soft Tacos. They're so easy to fill you'll have to find something else to fight about.

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2. The sound of someone pretending they're fine with it.


Someone other than the Head Chef will have made the gravy and now praise is being shared with the gravy interloper. They're playing it cool (ish). “Well, if you like it.”

3. The sound of someone not believing vegetarians have infiltrated the family.


“You're a vegetarian? Since when?” You can’t change. It’s against the rules. Whatever personality you laid down at 14, this is the one you’re stuck with. Three sugars in your tea forever.

6. Quiet pleading from the old family dog wanting your dinner.


He’s so cute! Only a monster would deny him!

11. The sound of everyone remembering that time Uncle Bob did that thing.

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There will be a family member who exists purely for remember-whens. Remember when he wore the defrosting chickens like slippers? Then you ate them? Yeah.

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