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17 Things You Hear At Every British Family Meal

Every family's different — but some things never change. Avoid these family mealtime dramas with Stand ‘N' Stuff Soft Tacos. They're so easy to fill you'll have to find something else to fight about.

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1. The sound of cool British pride.


Whoever cooked the meal will rebutt your compliment ("I think it's a little dry, actually") but be secretly chuffed to bits that you liked their cooking.

2. The sound of someone pretending they're fine with it.


Someone other than the Head Chef will have made the gravy and now praise is being shared with the gravy interloper. They're playing it cool (ish). “Well, if you like it.”

3. The sound of someone not believing vegetarians have infiltrated the family.


“You're a vegetarian? Since when?” You can’t change. It’s against the rules. Whatever personality you laid down at 14, this is the one you’re stuck with. Three sugars in your tea forever.

4. “That’s my chair! Mum! He stole my chair!”

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Doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 55, you will devolve into your 14-year-old self. It’s still your chair.

5. Burping from more than one generation.


It might not be YOU but it’ll be SOMEONE.

6. Quiet pleading from the old family dog wanting your dinner.


He’s so cute! Only a monster would deny him!

7. The sound of a younger sibling not eating their greens.


According to their theory, moving stuff is the same as eating stuff.

8. An older sibling explaining what their new job is.


Does that job involve computers or the internet? Good luck explaining what it is, exactly, that you do.

9. Someone awkwardly talking about relationships. / Via

"Whatever happened to that nice boy/girl you were seeing?"

10. “Are you going to eat that?”


In some families it is customary to eat roast potatoes first, lest they be pinched halfway through the meal when an interesting thing is said to happen out the window.

11. The sound of everyone remembering that time Uncle Bob did that thing.

Netflix / Via

There will be a family member who exists purely for remember-whens. Remember when he wore the defrosting chickens like slippers? Then you ate them? Yeah.

12. Gentle moaning from someone who had chips on the way here.


(They won't say no to pudding.)

13. The sound of cheeseboard discordance.


Approach cheeseboards with mathematical precision, we can’t go swiping great big lumps off willy-nilly.

14. Grievances being aired.


Did someone eat the whole spare jam roll solo one midnight when they were 15? They will not live this down.

15. "Mum! He got more than me!" / Via

How come parents never notice the glasses are different shapes?

16. Someone being told not to play with their food. / Via

It's supposed to go IN your face, not ON your face.

17. The sound of plates being furiously stacked.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

This is secret code for “you need to help out with the dishes now”.

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