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The Modern Guide To Being Invited Back To Dinner

Eating together is bueno, but tabletop etiquette can be a minefield. Luckily, new Old El Paso Stand ‘N’ Stuff Soft Tacos are so easy to fill and eat that they take the mess out of mealtimes. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

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1. Leave your electronics at the door.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Except for pacemakers. Pacemakers are okay.

2. No falling asleep at the table.

Johanne Stetka / Via

Even if your family are boring, WAKE UP. You might end up with delicious food all over your face instead of in your mouth.

3. Don't eat like an animal.

MEM / Via

At the very least aim for super intelligent monkey.

4. Don't talk with your mouth full. / Via

You might lose some of your dinner.

5. Don't reach over people or you'll end up with a sleeve of guacamole. / Via

Although this could be a way of "accidentally" securing more guacamole for yourself.

6. Only start fights with people you don't need to pass you stuff. / Via

How much do you want that extra salsa? Sharing is caring (about the food, not about that thing that happened 10 years ago).

7. No hiding your greens under your napkin.

KippTheKidd / Via

Also no hiding your greens under the table cloth. Your mum will only find it later and your future self will be in a world of pain.

8. No stealing food from your neighbour's plate.

Rigo Gonzalez / Via

(Even though it's a scientific fact that someone else's dinner is always tastier than your own.)

9. No instagramming of food at the dinner table. / Via

Go ahead and snap now but add your filter later when you're actually nostalgic for it. IRL filter.

10. Use your napkin, not the tablecloth. / Via

You might accidentally do that magic trick if you're a bit gung-ho with the facial dabs.

11. Try everything your host serves up — even if it looks weird. / Via

What if you discovered you really did like jalapenos after all, and could have been eating them all this time?

12. Turn the telly off. / Via

It's distracting you from more important things, like dinner.

13. Be alert and don't accidentally eat the entire thing that is actually for sharing. / Via

Look, we've all done it. But if you accidentally eat the whole cheeseboard thinking it's for one, you will earn yourself a nickname that'll be hard to shake.

14. Your four-legged pals need to wait outside the dining room. / Via

Unless you can teach them all the rules.

15. Pour your drink into a glass like you're fancy. / Via

Y'know, instead of cans or bottles. That's for picnics.

16. You can eat with your hands, but there are ways to do it properly.

mixjam11 / Via

Like, you can be messy but don't go flinging it across the table.

17. Before you claim the rest of the dinner, ask if anyone wants to go halves. / Via

We're all friends here.

What's the real secret to a happy, argument-free dinner?

If you fancy an easy life, try Old El Paso's new Stand 'N' Stuff Soft Tacos. They're perfectly boat-shaped so they're easy to fill, hold and eat — you can't go wrong!