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26 Messy Animals Who Will Make Your Day

Messy is good: what's not good is getting more food on your face than in your stomach. Luckily, Old El Paso Stand ‘N’ Stuff Soft Tacos are so easy to fill and eat that they take the mess out of mealtimes.

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1. Bunnicula, the vampire rabbit, strikes again

2. When it comes to Mexican food - this dog just wolfs it down


4. This cat's nacho habit has got so bad, he's eating them off the floor

5. While these nacho-lovers are oddly refined

6. Forget a milk moustache - this little guy has a full calcium beard

7. When you want to eat but are too lazy to pick your food up…

8. Somebody's been eating my porridge. Three guesses who…


10. The world's cutest spit bubble

11. Face-first eating for maximum popcorn consumption

12. "I have a little bit on my face, you say?"

13. When you nom so hard you end up in the dinner bowl

14. Mexican? Mexi-can't-eat-it-fast-enough

15. This cat wants his burrito cheese-free

16. This little guy is so messy that he's eating with his hands AND lying down

17. Ever seen a cat-dog messily devour a watermelon slice before?

18. Sticky fingers / licking lips / thumbs ups - the signs point to a taco-binge

19. No one told him not to play with his food

20. When your burrito bursts so you just eat the meat off the plate

21. *SLURP*

22. This cat doesn’t want to taco bout their messy habits / Via

Just sitting on the counter and rubbing their face on the food, like that's all ok.

23. You've got a bit of face on your cake…

24. The top pancake wasn't to kitty's taste…

25. If God had wanted us to use cutlery, he wouldn't have given us tongues

26. And the messy animal gifs to end all others…

*Heart melts*

Want something that will take the hassle and mess out of a mid-week meal?

Wipe your face, wash your hands and head over to Old El Paso to find out more about their Stand 'N' Stuff Soft Tacos range.