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This Musical Truly Captures The Joy Of Being Done With The Day

Because there is no better feeling in this whole wide world than coming home after a long day and washing your face.

First, watch this incredible musical — a true bop — which is actually you every day after work:

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Does this not speak to your soul??

Ok, now let's get into it: Is there anything as relatable as immediately taking off your pants when you walk in the door?

And everyone knows that once you are freed from pants prison, the next step is immediately heading to the bathroom to remove the day from your face.

It's gonna feel so, so good!

The mirror wink is, of course, key.

And everyone has their at-home scrunchie that they secretly wish could be an always-on scrunchie.

When the washing finally starts, it feels like you've been touched by an angel.

And then there it is: your beautiful face!!

And now for the final step: treating that hottie (you) to some takeout and TV.

It's the perfect night!

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All images courtesy of Olay