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Sarah Michelle Gellar Was In Olay's Super Bowl Ad And, Um, We're Obsessed

Watch Olay's first Super Bowl ad EVER here — and get #killerskin with Olay!

So we need to talk about this new Olay commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. Check it out here:

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Ladies, this is Olay’s FIRST TIME airing an ad during the Super Bowl…EVER. Why is that a big deal, you ask? Did you know that even though half of those watching the game are women, less than a quarter of Super Bowl ads target women?! 🤔 Neither did we — so this is awesome!

Can we also fangirl for a minute over the fact that it also stars everyone's favorite scream queen, Sarah Michelle Gellar. *squeals with excitement* So let’s break this very unexpected commercial down. It all starts with a masked intruder...

We first see him lurking in the background while Sarah Michelle Gellar and her friend are watching a movie. Classic horror!

SMG and her pal hide behind a bed as the masked intruder literally rages through the house. (We're shaking already!)

She frantically tries to unlock her phone with her face as the intruder gets closer — and then it hits her! The phone doesn't recognize her face because she's been using Olay. "It has totally transformed my skin!"

"Twenty-eight days ago, I looked like that," she adds. Her friend is shocked — and so are we. Just look at that before and after!

Finally the intruder catches up with them but forgets all about his nefarious plans so he can admire her flawless skin. 😱 TBH we can’t blame him – she's got that glow!

So in conclusion, this Olay ad had EVERYTHING: our fave scream queen, comedy, horror, and a serious glow-up!

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All image via Olay