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9 Simple Ways You Can Upgrade Your Entire Life This Month

Progress begins with one single step. You got this, queen!

1. Show up for the people you care about.

2. Start a gratitude journal, where each day you reflect on one or two things you're grateful for.

3. Commit to a nightly self-care routine from the inside out.

4. Get a cute water bottle, fill it up, add slices of lemon or cucumber, and enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of proper hydration.

5. Customize (and stick to) a daily skin-care ritual.

6. Do a social media purge with the goal of refocusing on positivity.

7. Adopt a pet (or just spend more time with animals).

8. Clean out your closet as an act of inner housekeeping.

9. But, most importantly, remember that you're doing great.

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