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10 Things You'll Know To Be True If You're A Total Skin-Care Fanatic

Because “Sleep. Moisturize. Repeat.” is basically your life mantra.

1. When you have a good skin day, you feel like your faith in humanity has been ~totally~ restored.

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Because having your skin under control feels like you have your whole life under control.

2. You constantly preach the importance of sunscreen to anyone who will listen.


If you had a nickel for every time you've had to explain that even on a cloudy day SPF is an absolute must...

3. And you'll do whatever it takes to protect your precious skin from the sun's powerful rays.


*runs to the shadiest spot you can find (literally anywhere)*

4. You dodge people’s hands like you’re dodging your ex when you see their bacteria-filled fingers approaching your face.

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You can look; just don't touch, please.

5. You know your skin requires some TLC, so you never want to see it looking sad and lackluster.

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But that's CTL to you: cleanser, toner, lotion.

6. And you'd much rather stay in and do a face mask than partake in literally any other activity.

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Because your weekly mask is more important than happy hour drinks with your coworkers.

7. You carry an obscene amount of products with you when you travel to prevent having to sacrifice any part of your daily skin ritual.


The amount of travel-sized bottles you've accumulated over the years causes a traffic jam at every security line of every airport. But hey, at least your face looks as fresh as if you were at home!

8. You own the fact that you spend copious amounts of time and money on skin care...because, after all, your skin is your investment.


Infinite hours gone. Half of that paycheck, see ya! But look at that skin glow!

9. You've learned that sleeping with your makeup on is the one cardinal sin of skin care.


There are many reasons it's so important to remove that last little bit of mascara or wipe away that foundation at the end of the day; from breakouts to infections, you've seen some things.

10. And even though you dedicate a large portion of your day to taking care of your skin, you ensure the products you use fit into your on-the-go lifestyle.

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When you've got places to be, any moisturizer that doesn't absorb at the speed of light is an absolute no-no.

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