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    17 Sassiest Protest Signs At The Oklahoma Rally For Education.

    When the Republican-led legislature cut Oklahoma's education budget by $230 million, over 25 thousand teachers from all across the Sooner state gathered at the Capitol to hold the largest education protest rally in the state's history. GOP, you're about to get schooled.

    1. Lawd Jesus, there's a rally.

    2. I must not tell lies, this poster is awesome.

    3. Carly Rae Jepsen meets Schoolhouse Rock

    4. Sanitary? Maybe not. Hilarious. Absolutely.

    5. This one gets an A in Sarcasm.

    6. *Angry teacher emoji*

    7. How can you say no to these faces?!

    8. rAMEN, girl.

    9. Yeah, Oklahoma. Plan ahea

    10. If only the Oklahoma House was a little more Gryffindor and a little less GOP.

    11. Preach, teach.

    12. And every GOP legislator's heart grew three sizes that day.

    13. *Standing ovation*

    14. If we keep cutting school funding, cafeterias will actually have to serve apples like that.

    15. Yes you are, little girl. Yes you are.

    16. And don't you forget it.

    17. You've been warned, GOP. See you in November.

    Lesson learned: Don't mess with Oklahoma teachers.