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12 Honest Answers To OkCupid Questions That Are So, So Good

You can tell a lot about a person by their OkCupid profile! Download OkCupid and find someone who's also "really good at falling — not in love, just in general," and let your personality shine in your answers.

We asked people to show us some of the best answers they have to OkCupid's questions, and the responses did NOT disappoint.

1. Hey, no shame. They're good dogs, Brant!

2. Best to fall for someone honest, right?

3. To be, or not to be impressed by this answer? That is the question.

4. Everybody wants somebody who understands their struggle.

5. You know what? Yes. YES! Let's value those bees, baby!

6. Tbh, this sounds like THE ideal first date.

7. Is this person the lemongrass to your sandalwood?

8. These are definitely pics you gotta request.

9. Ah, yes, the answer we're all looking for.

10. Huh... Props for being honest, but are you OK?

11. OK, SIS! Ask those hard-hitting questions, sis!

12. Please, please, please let the answer be B.

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