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2017 Destination Goal: 9 Cupid Approved Romantic Destinations For The Richie Rich

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” - Confucius, Chinese Philosopher And don’t forget to take the one you love when you set out to travel to the beautiful corners of the world this year. After all, doesn’t your heart belong to that one person? A romantic vacation with your partner can help the two of you to know each other better, to grow with each other and to create a lifetime of memories that will be etched into every thread of your being forever and after. If you belong to that category and money is never an issue with you, plan a romantic getaway this year that is exclusive and luxurious (just how the celebs do it). Here are my picks of the most expensive holiday destinations that even Cupid would want to visit this year -

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1. Kauai, Hawaiian Islands


This holiday spot is not for the faint-hearted couple. You have loads of adventure activities to indulge in over here. So if you’re a couple that is less about the mush, and more about the adrenaline rush, you should come here to have a wild time.

Pocket Pinch: At 5-star hotels such as the Grand Hyatt, you can expect yourself to shell out $676 for a night (that too for their cheapest room). Other hotels have similar ranges and average from $546 to $321 per night.

2. Musha Cay, The Bahamas


This tropical haven is privately owned the famous illusionist David Copperfield and is a part of the Exuma Chain of Islands. You can enjoy the bluest of waters and the whitest of sands at its serene beaches. The best part? You and your bae can be all alone on this island as you have no choice but to rent the entire place for yourself. You can take a sunny picnic at the beaches or head out to Jet Ski, hand in hand with your partner – the choices of what you can do here are endless.

Pocket Pinch: As we said, you have to rent out the entire island if you want to stay here, and that can cost you $37,500 (cost inclusive of for up to 12 people in total).

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia


If you and your partner just can't get enough of the ocean, you can bring the ocean in your room in Bora Bora. This small island offers quite a few hotels which have glass floor panels that give you a direct view of the waters beneath. You can also scuba dive here and discover the colorful coral reefs that lie at the bottom of the majestic turquoise lagoon that envelopes the entire island. Since it's not a very well-known tourist spot, you won't find so much of a crowd here, and it'll almost give you the feeling that you two lovers are all alone on a beautiful island.

Pocket Pinch: At Bora Bora, the minimum cost you will incur is $800 a day per couple. In fact, widely known as the best hotel on this island, the St. Regis has an average fare range of $854 to $2483 per day for two.

4. Tuscany, Italy


Steeped in medieval history, Tuscany is a picturesque region in the central portion of Italy, not too far away from the capital city of Rome. Though you will find similarity between the Renaissance architecture of both Rome and Tuscany, what makes the latter different is the barely-there crowd and its long and scenic vineyards. If you’re an art-loving couple, you’d love to roam around the corridors of the Uffizi Gallery or admire the graceful tilt of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The wine will and Italian cheese will, no doubt, be added temptations.

Pocket Pinch: There are plenty of castle hotels you can stay at in Tuscany to get that medieval kingly life vibe mixed with modern amenities. The average price range of hotels such as Castello Banfi Il Borgo or the 800-year-old Castello di Ripa d’Orcia hovers between $1033 to $2318 per day per couple.

5. Paphos, Cyprus


This Mediterranean city will cast a spell over you with its green hills and stony architecture. We’d say that this place is a must visit place for all lovers and couples as just a little outside of the city, you’d come across a rock formation that is quite aptly labeled the Rock of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. It’s locally known as the Petra tou Romiou (English: "Stone of the Greek").

Pocket Pinch: While Paphos does have some budget-friendly options, if you want to live it up king-size, you will have to spend a minimum of $260 per night per couple (for hotels such as The Annabelle).

6. Guana Island, British Virgin Islands


Another island, the Guana Island is huge and covers a vast area of 850 acres. This, again, is a private property and there’s no public access over here, guaranteeing that you and your Mon cœur (that’s French for ‘my heart’ i.e. the love of your life) get all the privacy you need in its seven stunning white-sand beaches. Couples will love witnessing the bounty of nature that exists over here – from exquisite coral reefs to exotic bird species – this spot is more of a paradise than just an island.

Pocket Pinch: Like all things good, Guana Islands too comes at a price, a major one at that. It's more affordable cottages, which offer you a sea view, start at $695 per night per couple in off-season.

7. Marrakesh, Morocco


This year, why not treat yourself and your lady love to a shopper's paradise? Marrakesh is just that, and its mazelike souks have a charm of their own that no malls can ever match up to. This cultural hub at the center of Morocco is a happening place, and you get the best of city life and nature in all its glory right here. When the heat and the beating pulse of the city get to you, you and your partner can flee to snow-capped mountains to escape the madness. And when you're full of peace, you can come back and pay a visit to its historical museum and beautiful gardens. Just don’t forget to carry lots of sunscreen with you when you come to Marrakesh!

Pocket Pinch: 5-star hotels in Marrakesh include Riad Kniza, La Maison Arabe and the like. As for the prices of these, your wallet will be lighter by anywhere between $411 and $811, depending on the hotel you choose.

8. Oslo, Norway

Gerhard Zwerger-schon / Gerhard Zwerger-Schon / Via

Oslo still retains a lot of its Viking era charm and presents a breathtaking view of snowy mountains against the golden hue of the setting sun. A lot of its beauty lies in the rows upon rows of colorful houses that brighten up its horizon and give it a straight-out-of-a-fairytale look. As for things you can do here, a round of intimate ice skating with your partner at the Frogner Stadion rink is bound to bring the two of you closer than ever before. You can also go for a ride at TusenFryd Amusement Park and relive your childhood with your SO (significant other).

Pocket Pinch: Grand Hotel, Hotel Continental Oslo and The Thief are some of the 5-star hotels you should try when in Oslo. You will have to spend at least $382 per night if you want to live in luxury.

9. Fregate Island Resort, Seychelles


Last on our list is the dreamy Fregate Island, which is one of the many islands you’ll find at the Indian Ocean. This island is known for its majestic 410 feet high granite peak, which lies at its very center, presenting a stark contrast to the lush greenery that surrounds it on all four sides. Giant tortoises (you can adopt one of them if you want) will greet you when your feet touch the white sands of this island, and you'll find yourself under the canopy of gigantic banyan trees as you get to your hotel. Many of the villas over here feature private infinity pools and Jacuzzis, where couples can just kick back and relax.

Pocket Pinch: Villas at Fregate Island Resort start at a cool $2886 per couple for three days. These rates will increase if you get yourself cozy in one of their premium villas.

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