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20 Tweets On Trump’s Victory That Made The World ROFL Quite Literally

You can run, but you can’t hide! The funniest Tweets on Trump are coming.

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1. This man who taught us a very important modern day English antonym lesson on Election Day


“If you wondered about the opposite of Netflix and Chill, it’s CNN AND PANIC.” – Adam Kay (@amateuradam)

2. This guy who has had just about enough with the elections and is totally exasperated


'I hope the movie they eventually make about this election is called "Phew."' – Chase Mitchell (@ChaseMit)

3. This Tweet that completely eclipsed Britain’s Brexit embarrassment


“BRITAIN: "Hey, America, watch this!"


USA: "Cool. Can I borrow your lighter?"#ElectionNight” – Greg Jenner (@greg_jenner)

4. This guy who’s concept of colors is shockingly clear

“Orange is the new black #ElectionDay.” – Kaine (@Kaineofoeme) [Commenting on the shift from the nation’s first Black President to its first ‘orange’ one]

5. This guy who’s so tired of all the Trump drama that he just wants to go back in time and live a chilled out life

“Don’t forget to set your clocks back tomorrow, a couple hundred years.” – Tobias Schneider (@vanshcneider)

6. Or this guy who has some crazy theory that the world can still be saved from Trumpomania taking over


“Ok, don't panic… If we hold the North and South Pole down simultaneously for eight seconds, it'll automatically restore to factory settings.” – Neil (@_Enanem_)

7. This guy who’s discovered the secret to having the perfect CV for any job


“If Trump can seriously win the PRESIDENCY OF THIS NATION, I don't want to see a job description with "experience required" ever again.” – Tim (@Tim_Nordahl)

9. This Tweet that had us reaching for the tissues because we couldn’t understand whether to laugh or cry (or do both like a maniac)


“Just woke my children up & told them Santa’s dead. Don’t see why I should be the only one hearing terrible news this morning.” – Joe Heenan (@joeheenan)

10. When Mia Farrow summed up our collective will to just fly far, far away into the land where leprechauns are the richest

11. This Tweet from The Late Show that made of all of us realize just what exactly the hell were we doing on the day of voting


“It feels like we’re trying to avoid the apocalypse, and half the country is voting for the asteroid.” – The Late Show (@colbertlateshow)

12. This guy who gave voice to the feelings of the ancestors of the great American nation


“BREAKING: All four jaws have fallen off Mount Rushmore.” – The Bugle (@hellobuglers)

13. When this tweet made us realize that our worst childhood nightmare has actually come true in front of our eyes

“American just elected the combination of Voldemort, Umbridge and Lockhart #trumpwins #USElection2016 #ElectionNight” – Harry Potter Fans (@_HpFans_)

14. When the oh-so-dashing Tom Hardy cleverly subverted one of the biggest disasters and likened it to our feelings on the day of the results

“9/11 and 11/9...the biggest disasters in America's history !! #trumpwins #Elections2016 #ElectionNight #ripamerica” – Tom Hardy (@TomHardy234)

You can call it gloomy, but the man’s got a point.

15. This guy who had us wondering if we’d ever be able to be the Katniss Everdeen that we want to be

“2016: Trump won't win.

2017: President Trump can't do that, can he?

2018: You watching The Hunger Games tonight? I hope my District wins.” – Eric Smith (@ericsmithrocks)

16. This Tweet from Kristen Bell that perfectly sums up the existential crisis most of us felt when the results came out

17. And this guy who’s witty words spoke volumes about the offensive personality of our current President


"Grandfather, how did World War 3 happen?"

"Memes, dear child. Literally memes."#ElectionNight – Jarrod Alonge (@JarrodAlonge)

18. This Tweet that took irony to the next level the night Trump won


“Today is the anniversary of the fall of the #Berlin wall. Oh the irony.” – Mischa Heuer (@mischaheuer)

19. And this one when Florida flashed a bright red instead of the expected blue when Trump established his sway over America


20. And finally, the moment when America realized that it was going to wake up to a president for the next four years that doesn’t know how to pronounce Beyoncé


“Donald Trump has made a lotta mistakes.

But this... THIS!!!!! Is UNACCEPTABLE!

Who tf is BEYONSEE??” – Kingsley (@kingsleyyy)

That’s one big tragedy right there.

Now that you’ve had a good laugh, it’s time to go back to the monotony of your daily life and pray hard enough that everything goes well for the nation under the apparently ‘iron fist’ of Donald Trump. At this moment, all we can say is, “Be Smart and Play Video Games.”

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