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11 Tiny Things That Will Help You Be Seriously Unstoppable

Conquering the world is easier than you think. Summon the power of productivity and keep the momentum going with the help of Oikos Triple Zero Greek nonfat yogurt.

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Incorporating a series of power poses into your everyday routine (especially at work) could very well change your life. And the good news? They're total no-brainers. Simply keep your body language open: no crossed arms, no slouching, no head-hanging. Try putting your hands on your hips, standing up straight, standing with your feet shoulder-length apart, and putting that nose in the air, just a little.

Seriously, these small changes can help you feel unstoppable. And the result? Those around you will pick up on your superhero powers and act accordingly. AKA they will be legit putty in your superhuman hands. Or, you know, they'll just take you more seriously on conference calls.

When someone compliments you, and you respond with "Nah, it's no big deal," you're not just selling yourself short — you're also informing the complimenter that their opinion is worthless. And get this: One study concluded that receiving (and taking) a compliment produced the same sort of positive, internal reaction as receiving money. So, basically, when you say, "LOL, it's whatever," you're sort of saying no to a million bucks. Take a compliment and watch your self-esteem soar.

Hey, do you like toxic stress? Yeah, didn't think so. Some experts say that push notifications on your smartphone are a source of toxic stress, along with a whole slew of other excess anxieties that are screwing up your day. Turning them off while you're relaxing on the weekends is common sense but turning them off at work is even smarter. And you're, like, smart. Right?

Multitasking can be super productive, as long as you do it right. Do: try tackling your calendar and scheduling calls and meetings while you ride to work, if you take public transportation. Don't: attempt to combine a business lunch with a horseback riding lesson at the ranch of your student's teacher with whom you've scheduled a parent-teacher conference.

It's official: Meditating in the morning can help to make you more productive. But you're like, "Wait, LOL, no, I don't have time to meditate." Think of all the time you'll save throughout the day, though: Science suggests that meditation raises your performance, increases your dependability, and helps you to make more thoughtful decisions. But you're like, "Wait, LOL, meditation is weird." Get over it.

All right, we're not talking a to-do list — we're talking strict, strict, did-we-mention-strict deadlines. Make appointments on your phone or laptop (these push notifications are allowed because they're for the greater good of getting ya life together) and prioritize. Got a MASSIVE project? Break it down into various deadlines. You can conquer anything.

Wanna step it up? Give a friend something of super importance, like your smartphone, some cash, etc. (you get it). Set a deadline for yourself. If you make the deadline, you get the money back. If you don''re screwed. It's called a "commitment device," and it truly works like a charm.

Let's get personal. As far as accomplishments go, science suggests that perceived rewards increase performance, creativity, and determination. Your rewards system can be as simple as treating yourself when you accomplish something, or you can be a true badass and chart it out. For instance, completing the initial research for that thesis project gets you a dinner out, completing the first draft is a new item of clothing, and finishing it is a cheap but luxurious vacation.

It's a fact: The best communicators don't just text — they know how to have a damn phone conversation (or chat in person). Experts agree that the risk of texting and the benefits of picking up the phone and actually calling a friend or talking face to face are plentiful. Sure, you'll up your communication skills, but you'll also be a little more empathetic when friends come to you with a problem. And if you make a point to talk with a friend about something you don't see eye to eye on, you might just walk away from that conversation with a broader view of the world. And who doesn't want that? (Hint: narrow-minded people.)

To-do lists are cool, but been-done lists are pretty important when it comes to boosting productivity and keeping up your momentum. By jotting down the things you've done, you feel a sense of accomplishment, and your general vibe remains positive. Plus, you'll be able to see which items were good uses of your time by noting what exactly has come from accomplishing them. So next time you sit down to make a to-do list, start by listing the things you've already done.

Please, for your own good: DANCE. Some experts say exercise boosts brainpower, and music can keep you focused in the moment. Sound like a recipe for productivity with a funky backbeat? That's because it is.

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