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7 Totally Bizarre Items For Sale On Etsy

You never know what you'll find on Beyond the vintage, handmade earrings and knit skull caps you can find on the site are gifts for your "special" friends.

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Mummified Opossum Paw


From the listing: "This is a real possum arm and hand, complete with claws and a few wisps of fur, that was naturally mummified and then further dried and preserved in borax and baking soda for many months."

Price: $10

10 Human Teeth


From the listing: "You get these 10 Real Human Teeth Taxidermy Bone Molar Tooth Genuine Bones. These real human teeth are about 3/4 inch long. All of them have either a big cavity, a big filling, a broken off root, or some kind of major flaw and so are offered at this discount price. ... Great for educational purposes, an interesting creepy prop or to make into jewelry or artwork of your own."

Price: $27.95

Drunken Ducky


From the listing: "A genuine taxidermy stuffed baby articulated Duckling mounted on an MDF wooden base. These make superb gifts. This one is the little party animal drunken ducky surrounded by bottles with a cigarette in his mouth. Also available with a beer can and/or wine and white spirit."

Price: $30

Cockroach Skin Sheds


From the listing: "This is a Brand New Wheaton plastic scintillation vial full of cockroach skin sheds! They are from dubias and discoids and this vial is truly filled to the brim with various sizes from small ones to larger ones."

Price: $5

Rooster Talon Necklace


From the listing: "The mutated leg of a mammoth Polish Rooster with a 2" fighting spur (rooster never fought, lived a luxurious full life on a farm) is the focal point of this necklace. A sturdy steel chain goes from base of leg and connects at clasp just above talon. Not for the faint of heart; ideal for the brave man or woman who enjoys parting crowds as they traverse the avenue.Pictured necklace available and other leg is being processed currently for a second neck-piece."

Price: $220

Snapping Turtle Skull


From the listing: "Taxidermy Real Bone Animal Skull Snapping Turtle with lower jaw and teeth. ... You can just imagine that fierce beak crunching down on a finger or two if you are not careful! The lower jaw of this snapping turtle skull is separate from the upper jar but can be glued in place with any clear drying glue. The skull is approximately 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. Great for an interesting and creepy prop or to make into artwork of your own, this skull can be had for such a great price!"

Price: $21.95

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