World's Youngest Nation: South Sudan !

July 08, 2011 (by me, Creative Commons) One more day to go before Southern Sudan officially becomes a new nation. On the eve of South Sudan's independence, the Security Council today voted unanimously to set up a new United Nations mission to help Africa's newest nation consolidate peace and lay the foundation for longer-term state-building, conflict prevention and economic development. It will establish a UN Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS) for one year. The peacekeeping mission will consist of up to 7,000 military personnel and up to 900 civilian police personnel as well as a civilian component. Southern Sudan which is dominated by black Africans has struggled for years under the genocide and discrimination by the north, dominated by an Arab population. The South is dominated by a wide range of ethnic groups believing in Christianity or Animism while the north is dominated by a mostly homogeneous Muslim population. There are also demographic differences. While the south has green savannas and even forests, the north is dominated by hot deserts even near the Nile river. In a referendum for independence in January 2011, overwhelming 98.83% voted for secession. However, the north continues attacks at the South over the oil-rich border region Abyei. Yesterday, the southern division of the National Congress (NCP), the dominating party in the north decided to split and unite with the dominating party in the South, the Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M). There are concerns about future politics in the new nation because politics have been dominated by one ethnic group in particular: The Dinka people. The future will show whether all ethnic groups will be represented in the new state. Southern Sudan will formally declare its independence from the north on Saturday 9 July 2011, creating the Africa's and the world's newest nation.

Emu • 6 years ago