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What It Was Like Waiting For "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" For Die-Hard Fans

*patience you had, my young Padawan

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Let's be real, you were sure it was all down hill after Disney took over...

Comedy Central / Via

Then episode 7 was announced.


Your inner 10 year old could not have been happier...that or your inner 40 year old man-child. Either one works, really.

You waited and waited for the first trailer until...


And you were overwhelmed with emotion...all of the emotions.

most likely in that order.

Finally, after years of explaining it to people who just didn't get it.

In the Thick of It / Via

Sure, you may have been a little skeptical at first.


But it didn’t take long for BB-8 to roll into your heart.


and probably your home in the form of a 5 inch toy...

Every day became a constant struggle to dodge spoilers like:


And you made it through all of the other stupid haters.

But you did it. It’s finally here and you can walk into the theater like the happy, proud nerd you are.

And never forget

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