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10 Ways The Apartment In 'Friends' Was Cool Before It's Time

I don't know about you, but when I watch a show on TV I spend an awful lot of time checking out the set. One show that obviously had some seriously talented set designers behind it is 'Friends'. What is more iconic than Monica's beloved apartment? Nothing. (except maybe Central Perk) Here's is a list of 10 ways the apartment in 'Friends' was cool before it's time.

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1. Hanging Random Empty Frames


Gallery walls are a cool and affordable way to display your favorite art/photos. But sometimes hanging a bunch of random empty frames is just as chic. Prime example- the frame hanging around the peephole of the apartment door.

2. Mismatched Chairs


Maybe the trend started when someone was having a really hard time finding a cheap set of chairs and then just said 'whatever,' but it has definitely stuck. For an eclectic and trendy mix, it's popular to opt for mismatched chairs.

3. Open Shelving


If you look at any kitchen redos in magazines everyone seems to be ripping off their kitchen cabinet doors and going for a more open, free-flowing feel. Plus, it's really easy to get to all your stuff! (Monica-level organization is required to pull off this look)

4. Distressed Wood Coffee Tables


Real wood is in. But something even better than real wood? Distressed/reclaimed wood. People are using reclaimed wood to build all kinds of custom furniture, and this coffee table is on point.

5. Exposed Brick


Nothing screams character like exposed brick. It can totally define a space, and serves as an instant focal point in a any room. 'Friends' showed us that exposed brick is even cooler in the kitchen.

6. Dressers As TV Stands


A dresser is actually a really smart choice for a TV stand. They are usually the perfect height, have lots of storage, and are super easy to find. Plus, they are much better looking than the average TV stand.

7. Floral Bedspreads


If you're a college-aged girl (of if you've ever known a college-aged girl) you've probably been around a floral bedspread. Said bedspread was most likely purchased at either Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. And it was most definitely inspired by Monica's shabby chic bedroom.

9. Unique Utensil Storage


Let's face it, no one can possibly fit all their kitchen utensils in the silverware drawer. Thus, utensil caddies were created. Most of the time they can be pretty boring. But sometimes you can re-purpose something else (like this pickle crock) as extra storage. Cool, and functional. Marcel approved!

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