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Fonts For People With Dyslexia That Aren't Comic Sans

What's the deal with comic sans - I know it helps people with dyslexia read better - but can I make fun of it anymore?

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It seems like every time I point out a utterly horrifying website that's comic sans clad, someone lets me know, for the 100th time, that the ugly font is great for those with learning disabilities. It used to be a running joke about internet-savvy nerds that comic sands is an ugly font. I still hear the joke from time to time, but I've gotten called out a few times and I have to wonder...

Should I stop making fun of the silly font?

Is it just people sharing a fun fact with me? Does the fact that it is accessible make it off-limits to mock? Is this ableist of me?


Upon googling the question that was brewing in my head over and over. I couldn't find anything. All that came up was articles abouut how the font is good for those with learning disabilities.

I can see the font being used in appropriate times and places, such as children's worksheets and books, websites for NGOs for children in towns in Kentucky with five citizens, and my first every blog on AOL I oh-so-cleverly called "AGurLz liFE!", and of course, publications targeted to this with learning disabilities. Perhaps every publications out there should have a version in the font of the author's choosing, and a font accessible to those who can't read the other fonts as clearly.

That being said, there are many more visually pleasing fonts that are dyslexia-friendly. Here are a few!

I'm no typography expert, just an overly curious idiot who knows how to use Google. The British Dyslexia Association recommends any sans-serif font. These fonts don't have the little tails, or serifs, on them. Sans-serif fonts include Verdana, Arial, and Trebuchet.

There are SO many options!

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