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9 Ways SXSW Has Made Our Lives Better

SXSW just wrapped up, but our pals Social@Ogilvy have taken with them nine important takeaways from the event. Check out how these takeaways impact you so you don't have to be quite so envious that you weren't there.

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Via Twitter: @GoKTGo

(Oreo giving pedicab rides in Austin)

Big companies like Chevvy, AT&T and Oreo got down with the people at SXSW. Not only was that fun for everyone in Austin, but it's better for us as consumers. Thanks for caring about the people, guys.

Fiona Harkin / Via

(Game of Throne's real Iron Throne.)

This year's SXSW blended two of its parts: film and interactive. We're thinking this might be an evolution of the festival in which everyone benefits because who wouldn't want to sit on the real Iron Throne???

Heidi Hardgrove / Via

(Microsoft Windows 8 Dev Team)

SXSW has gone from a smaller meet up of industry leaders to a large-scale festival for everyone and anyone involved in or a fan of countless brands. SXSW has exploded so much that a spin off called SXSW V2V is happening this year in Vegas. If you've ever been interested in attending SXSW your chances are increasing. Score!