5 Things We Hope To See At SXSW And 5 Things We Don’t

SXSW Interactive starts today in Austin, and along with our friends at @SocialOgilvy, we’ve come up with 5 things we’re excited to see this year and 5 things we’d be very happy to do without. To get complete coverage of all the SXSW greatness, follow @SocialOgilvy on Twitter and #DOAustin & @OgilvyMather on Instagram.

1. We’re Psyched To See All The TV Stars

2. But Not The Wristband Overload

WE GET IT. Wristbands are how you get places at SXSW. But do we really have to turn them into a status symbol and then keep them on for weeks and weeks and weeks after the fun is over?

3. And We’re Psyched To Learn About The Hottest New Games To Play During Our Commutes

4. But Don’t Really Have Time For Apps That Drain Our Batteries

At SXSW, phone battery is a precious commodity. Highlight, the “people discovery app” wasn’t that cool and it drained our phones.

5. We Might Even Find Out The True Meaning Of Life

6. (Hopefully While The Sun Is Shining)

Last year, we got soaked. The rain didn’t stop, literally. Although smart brands like tumblr took advantage and handed out branded ponchos, we would enjoy Austin much more if we weren’t waterlogged.

7. We’re Ready To Send All Kinds Of Awesome Tweets And Round Up Tons Of New Followers

8. But We’re Not That Interested In Paying For Beer

After hours of travel and battling crowds, constantly flowing beer is an integral part of South By. Fingers crossed that our badges will get us as many free brews as possible.

9. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Someone Send Us Into Space

10. But We’d Like To Leave The Creepy Mascots On Earth

SXSW is the time for lesser known brands and start-ups to get their name out there. But are giant furry mascots are creepy. Especially when they join forces.

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