Urkel: Now And Then

Did he do that? Watch Jaleel White’s exclusive interview with Official Comedy’s Geeking Out, then scroll through some of Urkel’s greatest hits.

1. NOW: Jaleel White Talks About His Fears, Dancing with the Stars, And Total Blackout On Syfy

In the premiere episode of Geeking Out, Kerri Doherty sits down with Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel - her original geek idol.

2. THEN: Urkel Attacks!

Locker room towel fight culminates with epic rat-tail jujitsu.

3. Urkel Moves In

After his émigré parents buy Steve a “peasant class” ticket to Russia, Carl invites Urkel in.

4. Urkel Shoots and Scores

With his teammates benched due to injury, Steve drives the Muskrats to a big W.

5. Urkel Orders Extra Cheese

And poor Carl’s on a diet.

6. It’s Time To Do The Urkel!

Whadaya say funsters? Let’s dance!

7. Urkel Gets Drunk

“He’s acting weird. Even for him!” Spiked punch.

8. Urkel Becomes Urquelle

“There is no Steve here. I’m Stefan, sweet thing.”

9. Urkel Cameos on Full House!

Uncle Jesse teaches Steve how to get loose.

10. BONUS: Jaleel Gets Confused For Kanye

The only man suaver than Stefan Urquelle…

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