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OFF!® Feel-Good Repellents Will Help Keep Pests Away From Your Summer Fun

Don't let your fun in the sun get interrupted by pests! OFF!® Botanicals and OFF!® Sportsmen with Picaridin will help keep insects at bay while ensuring you feel good about the repellent you’re using.

Can we all just agree on something real quick? Summer is the best.

Mother and father pushing young son and daughter on swings at sunset

Not the best, though? Summer pests. Yes, those things that fly, buzz, and bite their way right into turning the outdoor activities you wait excitedly for all year to full-on swatting fests.

Maybe you've tried some insect repellents in the past and just haven't felt great about the ingredients going on your or your family's bodies. Or you've been hesitant about repellents damaging your clothes or outdoor gear. Well, OFF!® has solutions to both of these hesitations. Introducing OFF!® Botanicals and OFF!® Sportsmen with Picaridin, available at Walmart.

Let's start with Botanicals. This line, which includes Insect Repellent IV Spritz and Insect Repellent Lotion, delivers worry-free* protection from black flies, gnats, no-see-ums, and mosquitoes through plant-based active ingredients.

Both Botanicals products are free of added fragrances and dyes, and provide protection for up to two hours***. So you can apply the spritz or lotion without inhaling any overwhelming scent and focus on kicking back and enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends.

Now, if your idea of outdoor fun involves hiking or mountain biking trails, rock walls, or white water rapids, you're probably just as concerned about protecting your gear as you are about protecting yourself from pests.

Man looking at mountain view during hike

If this is the case, OFF!® Sportsmen with Picaridin has your back (and your backpack, for that matter).

Whatever your perfect summer entails, swatting at pests and dealing with itchy bites should have no part in it and harsh repellants shouldn't either. OFF!® is here to offer you solid protection that you also feel good about. And that's what we call a summer win-win.

Mother and son standing at ocean's edge at sunset

Shop OFF!® Botanicals or OFF!® Sportsmen with Picaridin at Walmart now and get ready for a summer jam-packed with comfortable, outdoor fun.