About that deadline

There’s a reason everyone is talking about the health care deadline.

1. All anyone is talking about these days is health care—specifically, the upcoming enrollment deadline.

2. Moms are talking about it.

3. Lebron James made a video about it.

4. The President of the United States even did an entire segment on Between Two Ferns to make sure people know about the deadline.

8. If you're reading this—find all your friends, especially those who are most likely to live under a rock…

9. … and let them know about why this deadline is worth paying attention to.

10. If karaoke night ends in a sprained ankle, or a fractured arm, it could cost you thousands if you're uninsured.

11. Don't regret missing the deadline. You have until March 31st.

12. That's right—there is still time, but not much.

13. Tell everyone you know. Get covered now!

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