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8 Times TV Characters Could Have Benefited From Obamacare

The new health insurance marketplaces are open, making it easy to find and compare affordable coverage so you don’t get stuck in a situation like these TV characters.

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1. That time when Joey's health insurance got cancelled ... and he had a hernia.

2. That time when Dr. Spaceman made Liz Lemon dance for her flu shot. (Which is now free, thanks to Obamacare. No dancing required.)

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3. That time when Nick couldn't afford to pay a doctor when he gets sick ... so he goes to see Jess's friend, an OB-GYN.

4. That time when Marshall developed an irrational fear of bear attacks after he lost his health insurance.

5. That time when Dr. Altman had to marry her patient, just to ensure he had proper health insurance coverage.

6. That time when Hal had to spend a weekend protecting the kids from accidents (i.e., each other), when the Wilkersons lost their insurance.

7. That time when Sweet Dee had a heart attack, but couldn't afford to pay for testing at the hospital...

...which delayed her return to dancing.

8. That time when Andy’s lack of visiting the doctor caught up with him. (Someone tell this guy Obamacare offers free preventive care.)

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Don't end up in a jam like these guys. Get the facts and get covered.

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