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All The Sights You Missed At Toronto's Caribana Carnival

Toronto's ultimate eye-candy.

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Caribana is North America's biggest street festival and attracts more than ONE MILLION PEOPLE A YEAR to the city. It's a celebration of Caribbean culture. So you didn't attend Caribana this year in the 6 but this would make you regret that decision.

This Mayor that knows how to turn up.

Does your mayor rock like this one?

This police officers that know how it's done in the 6.

I mean come on, even the police officers can get their groove on. Know another city like this? NOO!

This fantastic peacock that would make your dreams

The crowd.

Everyone's having a good time. When last did you have this much fun on the street? NEVER? Sucks for you.

You can't beat Caribana so join us.

These goddesses in black that would have melted your hearts.

This lady giving us tiger lily realness with her own spectacular twist.

This musical sensation.

Seriously! Aren't you in awe?

These Charlie's Angels like you've never seen them.

Complete with gladiator sneakers and posture and of course HAND GUNS.

Surely we had afterparties for you to unwind after a long day of fun.


The Caribbean Concerts designed to get you moving and sweating.

Even LEBRON was here having a marvellous time.

See EVERYONE is invited to the party.

What are you waiting for? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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