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    Jun 5, 2014

    23 Reasons To Go See Live Theatre

    To see shows nearby, check out the School of Theatre + Dance at the University of Florida. Tickets are available for the entire summer season at the University Box Office.

    1. You feel the actors' energy and presence.


    You go, girl. You defy that gravity.

    2. You forget about everything outside the theatre.

    ABC / Via

    Problems? What problems?

    3. It's actually 3D.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    No glasses needed.

    4. It's live, so anything can happen.

    ABC / Via

    5. You get a shared experience with the rest of the audience.

    ABC / Via

    6. You'll get all the references from the Tony Awards.

    CBS / Via

    The 2014 Tony Awards are this Sunday, June 8th.

    7. You can compare different versions of the same show.

    Astrid Stawiarz / Via Getty Images

    Chita Rivera and Karen Olivo both played Anita in West Side Story.

    8. There are so many musicals and plays everywhere.

    Bobby Webster / Via

    9. You'll find yourself singing to a musical's soundtrack after.

    Screen Gems / Via

    "I don't do sadneeeeeeessssss."

    10. You'll sound fancy when you tell people you're going to the theatre.

    lenka123 / Via

    Especially if you say it in an accent.

    11. There are a lot of different shows to choose from.

    12. Lots of famous film actors started on stage, and many film actors do shows on Broadway.

    Evgenia Eliseeva / Via

    Walter White...LIVE!

    13. You can now connect with your theatre major friends on a whole new level.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    14. You'll be able to compare the play with the movie version, and vice versa.

    15. If you have friends in the show, you can see them become different people.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    16. There's a show for every age and every reaction.

    17. You secretly wonder what it'd be like to see your name in lights.

    Miramax Films / Via

    18. You get emotionally involved with the characters and plot.

    19. Some of the costumes (and costume changes) are simply amazing.

    CBS / Via

    Excuse me while I become a princess in 2 seconds.

    20. And then there's the set design.

    Disney / Via

    21. Don't forget the props.

    Disney / Via

    22. You can meet the actors at the stage door.


    Idina! Sign my plush cow!

    23. You'll want to come right back to see another show.

    Orion Pictures / Via
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