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The Definitive Ranking Of Fair Foods

Oh yes. We're counting down the top 24 fair foods. Prepare to get hungry. We really hope you're ready for this. (You're not ready for this.)

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24. Corn Dog

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

Kicking off the list is the timeless classic, the corn dog. Ah yes, the corn dog. The quintessential fair food, in all its corny, doggy glory.

22. Cotton Candy


It’s hard to have a bad day if you’re eating cotton candy. Go ahead and try. Dare you. No, seriously, go have a bad day on purpose and then get yourself some cotton candy and get back to us.

21. BBQ Chicken

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

BBQ chicken is essential for any summertime event. A fair is certainly no exception. And BBQ chicken is delicious. So there.

19. Deep-fried Peanut Butter & Jelly

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

"OK, so check this out — you know peanut butter and jelly? Well, we’re gonna take that peanut butter and jelly...and DEEP FRY IT."

18. Waffle Dog

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

Waffles are delicious. Hot dogs are delicious. This is an obvious marriage of tasty goodness. What a pair. Def support this relationship.

16. Deep-fried Pineapple

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

Holy moly. Can’t you just taste it? Look at that. You can taste it. Stop licking the screen. We already tried, and it doesn’t work. It just tastes like the computer screen. :(

14. Chicken Kabob

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

The chicken kabob is a staple at any fair that will never NOT be good. Love the kabob. Support the kabob. Eat the kabob. BE the kabob.

8. Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

This list is becoming increasingly difficult to make. Think it would be best if we just stopped here and OH WHO ARE WE KIDDING?? LET'S KEEP GOING HAHAHA!!!

7. Bacon-wrapped Turkey Leg

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

Turkey leg?




OK, so watch this — now we’re going to wrap the turkey leg... WITH the bacon. Just trust us here.

6. Deep-fried Cereal

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

They finally did it. They finally broke us. They took the best breakfast food ever to exist, and then they went ahead and deep fried it. YOU MANIACS!! YOU GENIUS MANIACS!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

5. Bacon Bombs

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

Hey, know what’s “the bomb”?

We'll tell you. It’s bacon, in the form of these little bites wrapped around fried dough. Haha, amazing joke, right? Not as amazing as these bacon bombs though.

4. Funnel Cake

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

You thought we forgot funnel cake, didn’t you? Of course we didn’t forget funnel cake. We're just going to let this photo and your favorite funnel cake memory speak for themselves.

3. Candy Apples

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

How can you take nature’s candy and turn it into actual candy? DIP IT IN CARAMEL AND SPRINKLE A BUNCH OF CANDY ON TOP OF IT.

2. Deep-fried Twinkie

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

TWINKIES. DEEP FRIED. DEEP-FRIED TWINKIES, FOLKS. YEAH, BABY!!! YEAH, YEAH!!! OK, going to pass out. Can’t handle this.

1. Deep-fried Oreos

OC Fair & Event Center / Via Flickr

JK. Didn't pass out, yet.

Anyway, here it is. Number one. The crown jewel on the list of the best fair foods. The holy grail. Ladies and gentlemen…we give you…the deep-fried Oreo. It is perfection…deep fried. Yeah, baby.

There's only one place you can find ALL of these dreamy treats (and more!!) this summer: the OC Fair! It's going on July 17 through August 16, so bring your friends and indulge yourself!


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