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15 Epiphanies We've All Had On Top Of A Ferris Wheel

Ahh, the Ferris wheel. Arguably humanity's greatest invention (aside from funnel cake, of course) and the best place to meditate on life.

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1. "I wonder who invented the Ferris wheel?"

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"Was it like...George Ferris? Bob Ferris? The Ferris sisters? Or maybe it was Timmy Wheel."

2. "You know what? I should start wearing hats."

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"I bet I'd look good in a hat. I bet they sell all kinds of hats at this fair."

3. "I wonder if they have a slam dunk booth here?"

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"That would be so cool. I'd jam on everyone. Even my wife and kids."

4. "Man. I wish dogs could talk."

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"I would totally, like, talk on the phone with my dog."

5. "I should invent something. Like a talking dog."

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"Yeah. Then I'd be a millionaire. I'd have so much money. Which would mean endless funnel cake!"

6. "How do they make funnel cake, anyway?"

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"I'm sure it's magic. It must be magic. That's the only logical explanation. That, or a funnel."

7. "It would be so great if ice cream were good for you."

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"I'd be buff as heck. I'd be jacked. The most jacked ice cream guy ever."

8. "Ugh. Ice cream sandwiches are so great."

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"I think — nay, I KNOW — that I'm in love with them. I wish an ice cream sandwich would just fly into my life. Oooh! I think I see an ice cream sandwich stand down near the bumper cars."

9. "I think this teddy bear I won is my new best friend."

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"I wonder if my wife will be cool with having it sleep in our bed."

10. "I smell corn dogs."

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"I must. Eat. Corn. Dog."

11. "Wait. Why are they called corn dogs anyway?"

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"We will never know the real answer to this great mystery."

12. "If I had a corn dog, I would let it run free in a field of corn."

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"Totally its natural habitat."

13. "Ya know, sitting way up here on this ferris is preeeeetty good sometimes."

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"Especially right now. I love this. Ferris wheels are great. Being up high is great."

14. "I bet I can see my house from here."

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"Hey! It's me! In front of my own house! Amazing!"

15. "I'd better do a head count before I forget."

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"Let's see: Billy, check. Kayla, check. Becky, check. Vicky, check. And...that weird friend of Billy's...check."

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