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17 Tiny Everyday Things That Could Improve Your Overall Health

Strive to be your best self every day. Another small step to a healthier, even better you? Hydration. Luckily, Ocean Spray® PACt® cranberry extract water has got your back!

1. Don't forget to laugh.

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Don't let a day go by when you don't show your pearly whites to the world and cackle like a joyous macaw! Read a joke, share a funny anecdote with someone, or watch a short video on YouTube that cracks you up. Just laugh a little!

2. Do something nice for someone!


Use the internet for the greater good and order some pretty flowers for your BFF across the country. Or pay for the macchiato of the person behind you in line at the coffee shop — you'll see that makes you feel pretty darn good. Here are six other ways being nice is good for you.

3. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit.


Avoid falling into the sweets trap by eating more fruits! Plus, eating fruits (and veggies) means your body will be getting more fiber and vitamins, and perhaps you'll even drop a few pounds ('cause they fill you up).

4. Get to struttin' whenever possible.


So maybe you're more a creature of the couch than a creature of the gym, but hey, that's OK – walking a little more every day may just do the trick when it comes to staying healthy. Just park a little farther from the office every morning, make a couple of loops around the mall, or just walk around the grocery store a few more times.

5. Let coloring give you free therapy.

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That's right — a quick and easy way to put your brain into laying-on-a-hammock mode is by coloring! It makes you feel like a kid again and has a relaxing effect on our brains, as it lessens the activity of our amygdala, which handles emotions related to stress. It's better to focus on filling in lines than what to make for the Christmas dinner six months from now. There are many fun book options out there.

6. Get yo' beauty rest.


There is nothing better than a solid night of rest. Help your brain and your physical health, and stay on top of your productivity game on the daily by getting a decent amount of sleep.

7. Oh, and always have healthy snacks handy to avoid temptation.


Think dried cranberries, bananas, nuts, or apples — make it a habit to carry them in your purse and resist the urge to buy that chocolate bar.

8. Detox from the digital world for an hour when you get home.

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Sometimes the internet moonlights as a black hole: It sucks you in, and the next thing you know you're looking at your old high-school classmate's Persian cat album. And, sure, Gizmo may know how to rock a dinosaur costume, but disconnecting is good for the soul, and sometimes it's good to just be present (insert: mindfulness). So make a little green tea, throw your favorite fuzzy slippers on, and watch your kids chase squirrels or something.

9. Compliment someone.

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Hey, if you think the cashier at the supermarket is rocking a super-cute pair of earrings, why not voice it? It takes the focus off you and makes someone's day better, which in turn makes yours better too! Here are some tips to give the best compliments evaaaa.

10. Meditate for as little as five minutes.


Meditating is like that simple haircut that changes everything and proves to be a total success — a little may go a long way.

11. Take 20 minutes to read something that makes your heart feel warm and fuzzy.

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Ain't nobody got time to read a chapter from a book a day (OK, OK, maybe some people who read really fast), but you can always bookmark a website full of wonderful short pieces that can help you you start your day on a super-inspirational note! Some of our recos? Brain Pickings and Elephant Journal.

12. Say bye to the haters.

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If you're hanging out with people who are sucking the life out of you...just stop. As Kozma Prutkov once said, "If you want to be happy, be."

13. Play music when you shower.

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Why not mix two pleasant activities to create one monumentally pleasant time? Music can decrease stress hormones (and aren't baths and showers sooo relaxing?), so turn up that new Meghan Trainor album the next time you jump in the shower!

14. If you can knock out a task in five minutes or less, go for it.


Pawsing on your work will only make it pile up later. Do it right meow and reap the benefits. You just need to focus on one task a time. Here's the "Science of Productivity" to get you inspired! (Coincidentally, it's less than five minutes long!)

15. Practice your ~power pose~.

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Change how others perceive you (and even your brain chemistry!), one power pose at a time.

16. Take a sec to browse through something you find beautiful.

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Looking at things that we find beautiful increases activity in the pleasure areas of our brain (similar to what happens when we are ~in love~). So the next time you have a few minutes to spare, let yourself have a good dose of beautiful beauty you like.

17. Drink water in the morning and at night.

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Just because you're asleep doesn't mean your body isn't active. Always have a full glass of water by your bedside to drink. Drinking water before you go to bed will keep you hydrated while you sleep. Drinking water when you first wake up will cleanse your body, help boost your metabolism, and rehydrate you.

Becoming your best self just got more delicious.

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