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17 Tiny Everyday Things That Could Improve Your Overall Health

Strive to be your best self every day. Another small step to a healthier, even better you? Hydration. Luckily, Ocean Spray® PACt® cranberry extract water has got your back!

1. Don't forget to laugh.

2. Do something nice for someone!

3. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit.

4. Get to struttin' whenever possible.

5. Let coloring give you free therapy.

6. Get yo' beauty rest.

7. Oh, and always have healthy snacks handy to avoid temptation.

8. Detox from the digital world for an hour when you get home.

9. Compliment someone.

10. Meditate for as little as five minutes.

11. Take 20 minutes to read something that makes your heart feel warm and fuzzy.

12. Say bye to the haters.

13. Play music when you shower.

14. If you can knock out a task in five minutes or less, go for it.

15. Practice your ~power pose~.

16. Take a sec to browse through something you find beautiful.

17. Drink water in the morning and at night.

Becoming your best self just got more delicious.

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Stay healthy and hydrated with PACt® cranberry extract water. With only 10 calories, it contains the power of 50 cranberries to help cleanse and purify your body WHILE keeping you hydrated. Just like H2O, only better!