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    20 Things Every Secret Mermaid Needs In Their Life

    Just because you're landlocked doesn't mean you can't live your best life.

    1. This glow in the dark shell necklace to guide you through the darkest waters

    2. This mirror that lets you primp like a proper mermaid

    3. This classy phone case to remind you of your home while protecting your phone

    4. This water bottle to keep track of all the water a mermaid like you needs to drink

    5. This throw blanket that will bring you right back to the beach

    6. This seashell barrette to keep the hair out of your face during windy days at the beach

    7. These yoga leggings so you can workout in style

    8. This beautiful swimsuit to wear when you have to swim in those pesky legs

    9. These beautiful watercolors to make your house feel a little more like home

    10. This ocean scented candle that will bring you back to the seashore

    11. This mermaid journal to keep all your fishy secrets in

    12. This blanket to help you lounge the way you were meant to

    13. This lovely watch to help you keep track of the tides

    14. These necklaces you can share with your best fishy friend

    15. This wave projector to help you sleep soundly at night

    16. These mermaid scale nail tattoos to subtly show off your secret life

    17. This mermaid charm to bring you luck on land

    18. These jellyfish lanterns to give any room an under the sea feel

    19. This makeup bag for your own ocean fairy tale

    20. This cowrie shell bracelet for your deep sea wishing