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    19 Times Tumblr Nailed The Myers-Briggs Types

    A post that all the MBTI nerds out there will LOL at

    1. This post that just knows how we'd mess with people

    2. This post that answers what would happen if the types turned bad

    3. This post that actually got INFJ so right...

    4. This post that for some reason just makes so much sense

    5. This post because we are all special noodles

    6. This post that none of us can deny

    7. This post that... well... it just works

    8. This post that is a little frighteningly accurate

    9. This post that will help you decide on your future allies

    10. This post that knows how the types will react to a proposal

    11. This post that should be useful for typing people during finals week

    12. This post because we all have our own fairy tales

    13. This post that will show you your new favorite word

    14. This post about MBTI school subjects because it just makes sense

    15. This post that knows how the types threaten

    16. This post who knows your ~real~ reasoning

    17. This post that dropped the fucking mic

    18. This post that answers and age old question

    19. And finally, this post that pretty much explains all the types in their complexity