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    12 Things Mezzo-Sopranos Will Understand

    "I'm a rare singing type that very few people have. It's called dying whale."

    1. First, it probably took a while to figure out you were a mezzo-soprano

    2. And when you tell people your voice range they expect you to be like a regular soprano

    3. But the truth is you can't. You just can't. Not happening.

    4. Trying to figure out whether to sing the soprano harmony or the alto harmony is always a challenge

    5. Trying to find an audition song that's actually in your voice range is hard

    6. But once you find it it's like Christmas morning

    7. If you get cast in a musical, chances are you're not going to get cast as a mezzo

    8. Or if you do, those songs are still full of notes you'd never hit

    9. When you find another mezzo-soprano, you feel an intimidate bond with them

    10. You know that if there aren't enough mezzos that you're going to be put with the sopranos

    11. When you do sing that perfect song, everyone is completely blown away

    12. At the end of the day, you know you're the best, and you aren't going to let anyone dull your shine