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Ironic Islamophobia

The government refuses to let those of Middle Eastern descent identify as Middle Eastern on applications but as Caucasian which could be misleading to employers. This misleading information can cause disruption and chaos for those who fear Muslims.

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Why is it that ethnicities such as Middle Eastern and North African are unrecognized in the Census Bureau and political system? Middle Easterners and North Africans are identified as White when this is rarely the case. They are being terrorized due to Islamophobia and are attacked for their cultural clothing, these types of incidents would never happen if they were truly considered White. People refuse to acknowledge this issue because it is not relevant to them. Middle Easterners and North Africans miss out on many opportunities for legally being considered White.

My father, born and raised Iranian, lived in Iran in the early 1950s. He was split off from his mother to live with his father, two brothers, three step- sisters, and step- mother whom he couldn’t stand. He lived in poverty most of his life and when he was old enough, he enlisted in the army during the Iran and Iraq war. He had to smuggle himself out and off to Belgium and eventually made his way to San Francisco. He doesn’t deserve to be labeled as a terrorist. And about being white, his dark skin, curly black hair, and Iranian accent would have to disagree.

Get 'em off! Armed police order Muslim woman to remove her burkini on packed Nice beach - as mother, 34, wearing Islamic headscarf is threatened with pepper spray and fined in Cannes / Via

Armed police attack a Muslim woman on the beach telling her she needs follow dress- code and take off her burkini (body covering bathing suit) or she has to leave. Ironic that majority of the people on the beach are practically naked and she's the one being prosecuted.

Why are Middle Easterners Categorized as White?

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In the early 20th century, Middle Easterners were categorized as Asian, they started a movement and argued in court that they should be counted as White instead. This was due to the huge discrimination against Asians entering the country. Many movements have been made by Middle Easterners to change their racial status since putting the MENA category is such a hassle for the Census Bureau. The movement to have their own category in the Census had begun in the 1980s when MENA organizations would bring up to Court that they should have at least a sub- category. To this day, Middle Easterners are still forced to identify as other or White.

"The only thing worse than being reduced to a statistic is not being reduced to one."

What Does it Mean To Be Whitewashed?

The term "whitewashed" refers to the abandonment of his/her own culture, in replace of that is Western Culture. In the book, Whitewashed, author John Tehranian uses the term whitewashed to identify with his ironic Americanized lifestyle, yet he's still treated as a minority. "In the opening pages of whitewashed, John Tehranian recounts how a well- meaning university law faculty decided against hiring him because in the words of a faculty member who later spoke with him "they objected to the fact that you're white.""

What's Wrong With Being Whitewashed?

Middle Easterners don't get the job because they're looking for a "diverse" staff or are simply just in terror of having a Muslim in the workforce. It's a lose- lose situation for us. Women are criticized for their burkinis "full body swimsuit" and forced off beaches, many are kicked off or restrained on airplanes because they said something in Arab, many business men and high school students miss out on loans and programs that would help them succeed if they were a minority, and much more. Personally, I have missed out on minority programs and scholarships because I technically wasn't what they were looking for. It's a shame that because of some label, you're suddenly feeling limited. The political system fails to recognize and acknowledge these difficulties and all will be revealed after the 2020 census comes out, but persisting the change will only increase the chances of it happening.

Cultural Misunderstandings and What Needs To Change.

There needs to be a change for those with an unrecognized ethnicity but more specifically, Middle Easterners and North Africans. It isn't fair that most live in America and are racially profiled as terrorists and aren't heard often times due to them being identified as white on their profiles.

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    Slovakia is located in northern Europe and is indeed considered Caucasian.

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