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10 Things We Love About Ozark

From students just like you and me...the top 10 things about OCC!

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3. Caring Faculty

With a student to faculty ratio of 14:1, classes are small, so professors actually get to know students on a personal level.

Not only do we have some of the brainiest minds on our faculty, but these intelligent people also care deeply for their students and take the opportunity to mentor and develop relationships with us.

4. Christ at the Center

This is a Jesus school. He is not only the center of the classroom, but also of every other campus activity, too--like our Thursday morning life groups, where older students or staff mentor younger students, and Thursday evening devotions, where dorms come together as a community to grow closer to one another and to him.

5. Co-Op Program

Ozark’s co-operative program with Missouri Southern State University allows students to earn two bachelor’s degrees in only five years! This program is perfect for those who don't feel called into full-time vocational ministry, but still want to have the hands-on biblical training Ozark provides. Live on Ozark’s campus while still getting a degree from a state school. It’s a great combo!

6. Connection to Area Ministries and Churches

Joplin is home to numerous non-profit organizations, like CIY, Good News Productions International, Rapha House, Blackbox International and many more. This provides unique opportunities to serve with a variety of ministries. Joplin is also home to several churches, too. It's easy for OCC students to find a place to plug in and serve.

7. Competitive Sports

OCC proudly supports our women’s volleyball, basketball and cross country teams as well as our men’s soccer, basketball and cross country. There are also intramural sports available for everyone year-round, including Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, futsol and basketball.

8. Chacos (but seriously...)

Romans 10:15 says that the feet that bring the Good News to the world are beautiful, and whether you wear Chacos or not, that's exactly what Ozark prepares you for.

Like we said, this is a Jesus school. We learn about Jesus with our heads, we grow in relationship with Jesus in our hearts, and we obey and live for Jesus with our hands. Through Christian service hours and internship credits, Ozark ensures that we graduate well-equipped to live in a way that expands the kingdom daily.

9. Convenient Location

Joplin has so much to offer! Tons of great restaurants, plenty of job opportunities and beautiful trails and parks to enjoy. Joplin is also close to Springfield, Fayetteville, Tulsa and Kansas City, making for fun day trips just outside of town!

10. Cost

Last but certainly not least, Ozark is extremely affordable! Tuition starts at a low rate of just $11,360 a year (coming in cheaper than the average in-state public university). In addition to a lower tuition rate, Ozark offers a variety of scholarships and need-based aid for students.

It will cost, but at least it won't break the bank!

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