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    • OBialystok

      Oh please. Hyde Park is the only major thing, and we didn’t name that, the British did. Melb has just as many things as Sydney named after British things. If you actually had a lovely inner-city park, I’m sure you’d call it something British too. You’re right in that Melbourne is very wanky and artsy. We do that too. Quite well. We also have… y’know… other things. We are a grown-up city. We don’t need to do schticks. Point of difference, I suppose. The more regional cities need to come up with a gimmick to draw visitors. What makes Syd my favourite city in Aus by far is the big city vibe and the weather/beaches. Melbourne absolutely cannot compete with those - it has a much more provincial feel (not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just not my thing), and the weather is… well, oh dear. You come off as having a massive inferiority complex btw, I’ve never seen a post that defensive. If you hate Syd so much why did you bother clicking on this article? Sheesh.

    • OBialystok

      Oh blah blah blah. It’s a novelty to loads of people when a friend comes out. They’re excited by it. They wonder what it means for them, and their relationship with that friend. They’ll say it once or twice and soon realise nothing has changed, you’re no more fabulous than you were before, and they’ll drop it. If they don’t, and you begin feeling uncomfortable, ask them to. Don’t expect everyone to be perfect from the get go. Don’t expect others to magically tune in to your pet peeves. Communicate! Teach! Preach! Spread acceptance far and wide. Don’t just cocoon yourself with a bunch of already ultra-accepting friends.

    • OBialystok

      Ugh. “you actually LEARN a lot about people, society, sociology, psychology, history, science, economics, philosophy, and more!” No. You come out thinking everything is socially constructed, and therefore we should turn towards Marxism, because the ‘fact’ that it will never ever work is just like, all a consequence of intersubjective discourse and stuff. You also have a worse grasp on linguistics than someone who’s never heard of linguistics. Oh, you like Ferdinand de Saussure? That’s adorable. Did you know he wrote in 1904, and that he’s been, well, supplanted, by 109 years of additional research? Look up Eleanor Rosch and watch your world burn. Your degree is worthless pseudo-scientific drivel not worth the paper it’s printed on. Sincerely,
      Gay-Guy-Working-For-Equality-And-Sick-To-Death-Of-Being-Undermined-By-Being-Associated-With-This-Drivel. Long, I know. My friends call me GGWFEASTDOBUBBAWTD.

    • OBialystok thinks "Aiko" is Cute  about 4 years ago
    • OBialystok

      1) There are many Republicans who don’t hate the gays, including one half of the legal team fighting to strike down California’s prohibition of gay marriage.
      2) The EPA was created by Richard Nixon.
      3) Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. Republicans are concerned about the poor as well, they just think twice about throwing money at them.
      4) A safety net creates moral hazard. Case in point: seat belt laws do not reduce casualties amongst motorists, but do increase them amongst pedestrians. Why? Drivers are less careful.
      5) Radical Christians are annoying, but hardly in charge of the GOP.
      6) You’re kidding, right? The PARTY OF LINCOLN, bro.
      7) They /are/ freely available, and there are a sufficient amount of gun nuts in the US to keep it that way. The GOP just recognises that reality. Background checks and registration, not disarming.
      8) I’m with you on that one, but this is hardly a GOP-only fault. I vote left, btw. Can both sides get off their ridiculous political high horses and actually talk with one another, like human beings? Sheesh. Goes for the left as much as the right.

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