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12 Sacrifices Every Athlete Must Make

Goodbye, sleep. Being an athlete is tough, but the rewards make everything worth it. You get out what you put in. Reward yourself even more with Oberto Beef Jerky.

Being an athlete is ROUGH. There are so many sacrifices you need to make...

1. Like the ability to sleep in.

2. Not to mention giving up free pizza.

3. Money? Ha! You've got to spend it all on expensive equipment.

4. No more bumming around...

5. ...because you're giving up TV marathons for real ones.

6. And you're constantly having to sacrifice your social life to train.

7. Your tan lines are outta control.

8. Sometimes you feel like you sacrifice too much for the team.

9. Either way, you've DEFINITELY sacrificed comfort.

10. And you're prone to so. much. sweat.

11. Which means you've given up having clean laundry.

12. Some days you feel like you've even given up happiness...

...but then you finish, succeed, or even WIN, and it's the best feeling in the world.