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Top Ten Spots To Study (Torah)

So the school year is starting up and you’re on the hunt for that sweet sweet study spot? Get some tips from Oberlin Hillel about where best to study Torah…or whatever it is you may choose to study this fine school year!

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6. Blue Rooster

Talia Rodwin

A level up in taste sensations. The back room is as cozy as your bubbe’s living room (which I’m assuming is pretty cozy). Plus, if you’re lucky, you might get Talia to take you there and get you a tasty treat!

5. Wilder Bowl

Matthew Lester / Via

It’s worth the distractions to be outside and enjoy that Obie sun while it lasts. Bask in the grass and try to pretend that you can see your computer screen well enough to read, even though we all know you can’t.

2. The Hillel Office

Oberlin College Hillel

Looking for a comfy couch, a toasted bagel, and a friendly face? Then this is the study spot for you. Drop by for some food and a quiet work atmosphere. Added bonus: you’ll probably find an open ear for you kvetching.

1. Your Bed

Talia Rodwin

Alright so a lot of people say this doesn’t work, but we at Oberlin Hillel swear by this! Sometimes you need to be just the right amount of comfy for all of that Genesis to fully sink in.

So there you have it! Ten spots in which you can study Torah…or whatever it is that you study. Good luck on starting off the school year! And if you ever need that ear to kvetch to, you know where you can find it :)

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