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The 13 Best Parts Of Passover You Didn’t Appreciate When You Were Younger

Passover is coming up! That means friends and family, mazto ball soup and gefilte fish (yay?) We all know you are excited for Hillel's first night seder coming up on April 10th (register at So get into the Passover by taking a stroll down memory lane.

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1. Being able to play with the 10 plague toys

2. Macaroons / Via gify

I feel like we all thought they were gross growing up... but now I just can't get enough!

3. Learning that not everyone makes charoset the same way and having a hard time accepting it

If your Charoset doesn't look like this, is it rude for me to bring my own to your seder?

If your Charoset doesn't look like this, is it rude for me to bring my own to your seder?

4. Pleasing grandma by eating the gefilte fish / Via gify

"It's so delicious grandma...."

5. Matzo Brei in the morning / Via

Don’t get too many passover munchies, save that matzo for the morning

6. The Frog Song!

View this video on YouTube

Turn down for what!?!

7. Finding the afikoman before your cousins do... / Via

...and then fighting to the death over who brings it back to the table...

8. That obnoxious family member who won’t stop singing Dayenu

American Idol / Via

The point of the song is Dayenu

9. Seeing who could eat the most horseradish / Via

Not going to lie, I won this every year

10. Citing some random uncle who may have once lived in Israel for a semester abroad in college for why you only keep 7 days of Passover and not / Via

Not that it's any of your business anyway...

11. If the seder got too long you could just go to sleep / Via

I so wish this was still a socially acceptable thing for me to do

12. Always feeling hungry because you couldnt have bread, but at the same over compensating with copious amounts of matzo / Via

yeah, we said it...

13. Being around your close friends and family to tell the story of our liberation

fullerhouse / Via

This may be our favorite part of the entire holiday! We invite you to join our Hillel family on April 10th for our annual Seder which is open and free to all! Register at

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