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Which Passover Snack Are You?

Even though we claim to hate Passover food, we all secretly love it, right? Take this quiz, written by Paige and Talia, to learn your true snack identity.

oberlinhillel One year ago

Featured Cat: Egoz

Read up about Hillel’s first featured cat! Egoz (Hebrew for Walnut) lives with Emily Volz, Hillel’s Education Coordinator. He hails from Jerusalem, where he was rescued by Emily from a life of street-cat-dom. Read on to learn ten fun facts about him!

oberlinhillel 2 years ago

Top Ten Spots To Study (Torah)

So the school year is starting up and you’re on the hunt for that sweet sweet study spot? Get some tips from Oberlin Hillel about where best to study Torah…or whatever it is you may choose to study this fine school year!

oberlinhillel 2 years ago

Harry Potter Ranking

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Tomorrow Harry Potter and Religion expert Vanessa Zoltan will be on campus to talk to you about the greatest books ever written! (Click here for more info) So take this poll to let everyone know your Harry Potter opinions and join us tomorrow for two great events.

oberlinhillel 2 years ago

Student Of The Week: Rachel Sacks

We are so excited to tell you all about our student of the week, Rachel Sacks! She is a fourth year Religion and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies major and is giving her capstone presentation on the biblical stories of Tamar and Ruth on Wednesday April 19th at 2:00 on the third floor lounge of Rice!

oberlinhillel 2 years ago

10 Jewish Books You Must Read

Looking for a good distraction from the world? Check out these awesome Jewish books suggested by Oberlin students!

oberlinhillel 3 years ago

Oberlin Hillel's Guide To Parents Weekend

Ahh parents weekend, that time of year when your parents/family/friends come to campus, and you have to curb the fact that you're really excited to see them with the feeling that, wow, I'm not used to you guys being here this is only a little awkward. (But only a little!) Need some help planning your weekend? Here are a few tips and promotions for some awesome events on campus that you can take your parents/family/friends to do! The full list of activities can be found here

oberlinhillel 3 years ago

User Poll: Head To Head Favorite Jewish Food

It all comes down to this, a head to head food battle royal! Let us know which one of these classic Jewish foods are hot and which are not. Which foods will rise to the top and which will be thrown in the compost bin?

oberlinhillel 3 years ago

Oberlin Hillel: How To Do High Holidays This Year

Hello Obie Jews! Looking for a way to welcome 5777 and atone for all of your sins this October? Well look no further, Oberlin Hillel has got you covered with a full plate of holiday events!

oberlinhillel 3 years ago

Oberlin Hillel Takes On Resetting The Table!

This weekend our two student fellows and staff member went to beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to participate in Hillel International's Resetting the Table Fellowship Conference! You may have seen posts on facebook or instagram about RTT and wondered, "hmmm, what's that all about"... well look no further! This buzzfeed will answer all of your resetting the table related questions!

oberlinhillel 3 years ago

Oberlin Hillel's 10 Tips To Surviving New Student Orientation

This one is for you freshman out there who are maybe just a little bit nervous about your first day of college at Oberlin. Well fear not, everyone has to go through orientation and we all understand how scary it can be! Here are some tips from your friends at Hillel on how to survive Oberlin Orientation.

oberlinhillel 3 years ago