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The 11 Most Irritating Types Of People On Instagram

We all want to know how the other half lives, though there's such a thing as too much information. Think you've got a shot that will make people shout "O Snap"? Oasis #OSnap wants to see your best shot at a cliche'd Instagram snap - go for it!

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7. The Amateur Artist


Even though the world is full of interesting stuff, this person goes out of their way to snap the most boring sights they can find, loading it up with ambitious hashtags like #art and #urban.

8. The Rich Kid


This guy is two years younger than you, but spends most of his day deciding which mega-expensive watch to wear to go shopping. It was funny at first, but now you're sick of feeling like a peasant.

Feeling inspired? Try your hand at a groan-inducing snap with O Snap from Oasis and you could win big - do your worst!

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