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8 Adventurous Things To Do In Sri Lanka

If you want to travel somewhere unique, Sri Lanka is the place for you!

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1. Hikkaduwa Beach

Beauty everywhere you look, beautiful place to soak in the sun, meet the friendly locals and enjoy some creature comforts from home such as delicious pizza or try some traditional curries.

2. Jungle Tour

If you are a photography buff, love animals or just love an adventure, Yala National Park is for you. If your lucky you will be able to see all the animals! With guides dedicated to hunting down the mysterious and rare leopards.

3. Visit a Temple

There are definitely some beautiful temples around Sri Lanka. If you do visit one women need to be respectful in their clothing, not exposing above the knees and covering the chest also taking shoes off is a must. It is also respectful to buy a flower and make a small pray once you reach the temple.

7. Visit the highest point 'World's End'

This is a must do! It is a long walk and means an early start because you need to get there before 9am before the clouds cover the amazing view. It takes about an hour to get to the top but is definitely worth it.

8. See the monkeys

We were driving and pulled over to have some fresh baby coconuts and spotted these guys hanging out by a river. Unfortunately you can't touch them but they certainly don't mind posing for photos!

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