22 Dogs You Should Model Your Life After

We can learn a lot from dogs. To them, life is amazing. Balls are amazing. Sticks are amazing. So why not take a walk on the dog side of life? No more cattiness. No more indecision. No more “meh”. Be more dog.

1. Be bold! Even if you’re little. Who cares.

2. Do the Sunday crossword every week. It’s like a cardio workout for your brain.

3. Speaking of working out - squeeze in some core training every now and then.

A healthy body is a healthy mind!

4. When choosing friends, don’t worry about silly differences.

5. Like size. Size is a silly difference.

6. Embrace Mondays. It’s a new day!

8. Any hobby is fine.

9. Screw caution. Be curious.

10. Doesn’t matter how old you are - enjoy the little things!

11. Make the best of a lame situation.

12. Ignore the haters.

13. Be smart! But don’t be mean.

14. Grab a friend and go do something outside. It won’t kill you.

15. Never give up. Ever.

16. Ask the right questions. Don’t be cynical.

17. Don’t let anything get between you and what you want.

20. Get out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

21. Practice patience. It’s a virtue, you know.


Most importantly - Be more dog.

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