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5 Tools To Integrate Your Online Forms With Salesforce

Automate your form collection with Salesforce integration. Capture, manage and perform tasks related to online form data collection.

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Salesforce is an American based cloud computing company. It is known as one of the most valued companies in cloud-based services, providing services including customer relationship management, commercial applications of social networking through acquisition, cloud-based helpdesk system for interacting with customers and solving customer issues and cloud-based task management system for small groups and businesses.

When you integrate your online forms with Salesforce, you can automate saving your form data on the go. With Salesforce integration, you can enable features like sending your form data automatically to the database, email integration, build and run innovative apps, forecasting and managing customer relationships everywhere.

We are going to discuss the tools used to integrate your online forms with Salesforce. These tools and services provide flexible functionality for integrating your forms with Salesforce and automate tasks on the go.

At the end of the article, you will be able to proceed with the tools used for Salesforce integration. You can pick unique tools to integrate your forms with Salesforce or use a combination of tools to cover the required criteria.

Integrating Your Online Forms With Salesforce

When dealing with collecting the data with online forms, you need to save the data in the database. However, when the forms are not connected with your CRM, the process of manually entering the data into a database can be overwhelming.

With that clarified, the online forms are combined with a service used to automate functionalities to capture and save the form data.

Tools to integrate your Online Forms with Salesforce

1. Formtitan

Formtitan is a free landing page creator and online form builder. It allows you to create, optimize and convert landing pages and online forms like a professional expert. You can collectively use the Formtitan services including form builder integrations like Salesforce, to read and write data regarding Salesforce tasks.

Using the Formtitan Salesforce integration you can upload files, documents, pre-populate fields, insert and update anything on and from Salesforce objects.

It allows creating complex scenarios and not just simple updates and inserts. It also comes with Salesforce single sign on (Salesforce SSO).

With Salesforce integration, you can capture your form data more efficiently, along with the flexible options of integrating various types of forms like customer support forms, contact forms, lead generation forms, real estate and employee record forms.

2. Web To Lead

The Web To Lead is a built-in feature offered by Salesforce functionality. It enables a user to get leads from their sites into Salesforce.

The Web To Lead is provided at no additional cost. You can configure the system with no prior coding knowledge.

3. WordPress to Lead for Salesforce

You can set up your form integration with Salesforce by using a WordPress plugin called Wordpress to Lead for Salesforce. It is an easy solution for those who rely on WordPress for their web systems.

With Wordpress to Lead for Salesforce, you can integrate your WordPress site with your Salesforce account. In this way, the captured form data go straight into your Salesforce CRM. Moreover, you can use a shortcode to insert the form into posts or pages.

4. Form Assembly

Form Assembly is another online form service provider, providing forms packed with conditional logics, calculated fields, save and resume, and everything you need to create different types of online forms.

With Form Assembly Salesforce integration, you can create Salesforce forms with the handy Salesforce import tool. Other features include creating and updating existing records, sending attachments, avoiding duplicate records and pre-filling of form fields.

5. Formsite

Formsite is a web-based service that enables users to create web forms and surveys with no prior coding skills.

With Formsite Salesforce integration, you can capture and send the form data to Salesforce account. Formsite provides features to create and manage forms and surveys, along with other features like collecting form uploads, offering checkout options and email notifications.

Over to you

In order to integrate your online forms with Salesforce, you can use web services or tools like Wordpress to Lead for Salesforce. The tools discussed above provide options to capture your form data and send it to your Salesforce account.

We defined and discussed the principal tools used for Salesforce integration. With the details mentioned in this article, you can compare the services and decide on proceeding with the one more suitable for your corporate data collection routine.

To integrate your forms with Salesforce, use the web services like Formtitan, Form Assembly or Formsite. On the other hand, you can also decide on using the Wordpress to Lead for Salesforce plugin or use the Salesforce Web to Lead built-in functionality.

At the end of the game, you can easily capture and manage your corporate form data, along with additional features for backup, storing, and obtaining the form uploads on the go.

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