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5 Resources That Will Make You Better At Parental Control

The higher rate of Smartphone usage among teens and kids have significantly increased the child bullying cases on social media.

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According to a survey conducted by Minor Monitor, 38% of all kids on Facebook are under the age of 13, 30% of them use Facebook for more than 2 hours each day.

Another study published on Puresight confirms the existence of more than 7,88,040 registered sex predators, causing 74% of Facebook parents worrying about their children security against predators.

Moreover, a higher number than 5,000,000 of predators actively surf the internet for targets, causing more than 60,000 child abuse case reports and 90% teens experience cyberbullying on social networking platforms.

With the passage of time, we can estimate the growing number of predators on increasing social networking platforms.

This opens a massive flooding traffic of social harassment of children and challenges the parents to adopt working methods to guard their kids.

As a parent, you are often faced with the challenge of choosing the best option. There are many tools and methods out there, but watching out and evaluating each tool’s options is indeed a daunting task.

We are going to list top 5 of the most important resources and methods for parental control. We are going to discuss various aspects, which can provide maximum security on using them all together.

1. Android Apps

Looking at the fact that Smartphone penetration among teens has increased significantly, about 89% of teens will have the smartphone by the end of 2017.

In order to focus on Smartphone security, we need to keep our phone security with Android/iPhone apps.

The Pervasive Group’s application called the MMGuardian Parental Control, which is used to anonymously collect usage data and remotely enforce restriction rules on child android devices is a great option for parental control. This app can record sms/call history, block calls and texts, lock phone or apps and filter internet sites with remote usage controls in parent’s hands.

According to a study, the app has collected data from about 5000 unidentified devices, the most popular app Kik is used on average for 74 minutes per day. The second most used app was YouTube, with 66 minutes and the third was Netflix and Minecraft with 55 minutes each and Snapchat with 45 minutes.

A handy feature of MMGuardian is to block social apps or games either outright or based on usage.

2. Personal Computer Tools

The Internet is a complex network of millions of inter-connected computers. This network is composed of service based systems like Hosting, Banking and Emailing systems, as well as technical bots intended to take advantage of vulnerable computers on the network.

With the passage of time, when the cyberbullying is considered as one of the most occurred problems online, the authority managed to make policies and implement computer tools to look for and track down malicious activities online.

In order to take advantage, parents need to use anti-bullying tools like ESET Online Security, Net Nanny and online Gaming Control Systems.

3. Governmental Control

If you can approach a centralized system built by Government, make sure to submit the bullying report there.

When more than 70% kids frequently saw cyber bullying in some manner, government agencies built special gateways to monitor and track down the culprit agents.

Consider submitting the proper bullying report under legal approach, so that your home network can be protected under governmental infrastructure.

4. Offline Computer Security

From kids to adults and grownups, nearly more than half of the peoples don’t know about maintaining basic computer security online.

If you face inappropriate site browsing by kids, you should take advantage of tools or block the sites manually within your computer.

Also, make sure your kids know about basic account security because the kids are more vulnerable to lose their security by following slightly crafted security attacks.

5. Media Safety

There are software companies, providing services to monitor your home kids by taking in charge of your home technical equipment. They charge a small fee of monthly subscription to handle everything from protection to final reports.

According to Google Family Safety Center, you can lock, monitor and keep secure your personal accounts with Google Safety Tools and methods.

Google Safety Tools provide maximum security for various media devices including email, Smartphone and web searching.


The use of carefully crafted tools and services provide squeeze parental control over children. Smartphones and computers being the most important usage factors online can be treated with software and Android apps. Parents also need to focus on constant educating their kids and implement security precautions on time. If the government provides monitoring services, it is important to take them on radar and manage to use them all together for enhanced security.

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