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11 Routines That Will Guarantee An Awesome Day

Utilize your morning to maximize your day. There are many ways you can guarantee an awesome day — checking up on your news via NYT Now is one of many!

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1. Drink one liter of water right when you wake up.


When you wake up, your stomach is empty and your body is dehydrated. Drinking one full liter of water in the morning will hydrate your body, flush out your system, boost your metabolism, and even help fight against diseases. A healthy body makes for an awesome day!

2. Exercise for at least 15 minutes.


Whether it’s a light jog, yoga, or bedside push-ups/sit-ups, waking up and doing at least 15 minutes of exercise every morning will make you more alert and make your day 15x more awesome.

3. Meditate and visualize your day.


Utilize the still and quiet of the morning by meditating. Spend 15 minutes out of your bed in a restful state, focusing on your breathing and visualizing your day and how you will succeed.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast.


We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day — and for good reason. Eating a balanced, healthy breakfast refuels the nutrients your body lost during sleep and helps fuel and propel the body to be more alert and reactive during the day.

5. Plan out your day.


Driving without directions can be fun, but when it comes to your workweek, it's better to map things out. Figuring out your schedule will help you realize what's a priority and when you'll have free time to take care of other tasks. It will also help to prevent things from falling through the cracks.

6. Write out what you’re grateful for.

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Starting your day with negative or anxiety-ridden thoughts carries over into the rest of your day. Instead, focus on things you're grateful for and proud of. Starting the morning with gratitude and positivity will carry on into the rest of your day and help you have more clarity and focus.

8. Tackle that daunting task first thing.


You know that thing you hate to do or have been putting off? Yeah, you should do that thing at the beginning of the week at the start of your day. Clear it off your list, and you won’t have it looming over you all week. No daunting tasks = awesome days!

10. Talk to your family.


It’s always good to chat with your family. If you set aside a block of time to speak with them, it will improve the substance of your talks, making them much more meaningful, less topical, and more focused. Moms are awesome, so make your day awesome!

Read the news.

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Energized, up-to-date, and awake = AWESOME DAY.