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14 Signs You’re The Lucky One Of Your Friend Group

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1. You've dropped your phone countless times, and it STILL hasn't shattered...

BuzzFeed Video / Via

...while your friends' phones seem to crumble into a billion pieces upon a soft impact.

2. You never miss the trash can...

BuzzFeed Video / Via

...while your friends cry in the corner out of sheer embarrassment because, yes, they are that bad at office basketball.

3. You've accumulated a small fortune from money you've found on sidewalks...

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed
Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

...while your friends seem to blink and their wallets vanish.

4. You always find the best parking spots... / Via

...while your friends have to turn around and park at home then walk four miles because they couldn't find a spot.

5. Your tooth fairy left stacks of coins under your pillow...

...while your friends still don't know who this "tooth fairy" is that you speak of.

6. Your bartenders are always gifting YOU the free shots at the bar... / Via

...while your friends get home and drop their jaws when they check their bank accounts wondering how they managed to blow $70 on drinks.

7. This is your typical tweet...

So today I found money in an old jacket, won free food on McDonald's monopoly and passed my driving test #luckyDay 💃💃

...while your friends have just given up.

8. All of your clovers have four leaves...

...while all your friends' clovers only have *gasp*...three.

9. You never have any heads blocking your view at the theater...

h0usep1an / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via

...while all your friends have to stand up to see over the mound of hair in front of them.

10. Your parents are not on Facebook...

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...while your friends are getting put on blast on daily.

11. You swear you're awful at pool but somehow always get the balls in...

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...while your friends scratch...scratch...and scratch again.

12. You often make it to the train JUST in the knick of time...


...while the doors are slamming closed in your friends' faces.

13. You're the only person on the planet who has beaten Candy Crush...

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...while your friends are removing the skin from their faces out of frustration.

14. And this is your standard vending machine experience...


...while your friends' snacks are stuck on the end of the row, dangling forever.

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