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11 New Yorkers Share What They'd Change About NY If They Were Rich

New York, you're great. But there's always room for improvement. :)

We asked an array of New Yorkers what they would change if they had all the money in the world to do so. Here's what they said:

1. "Hands down I would rent-control every building." —Jen W.

2. "I would ensure every single office had an office puppy. To lift everyone's spirits." —Tara P.

3. "I would hire more and give raises to current teachers, as well as offer an array of completely optional training for whatever they might like." —Chris D.

4. "I would help feed the homeless and get them into safe living spaces." —Alix M.

5. "I would make sidewalks that gobble up all the trash." —Clark M.

6. "I'd build bigger grocery stores, where the aisles are wide and the carts have room to breathe. Where you can browse for as long as you'd like, without feeling anxious the entire time. This is my dream." —Casey C.

7. "I would make sure every single apartment came with central AC. I would also find a way to make apartment-hunting easier." —Ashley B.

8. "I would hide sacks of money in random people's mailboxes. So when they get home after a long day, they'll be pleasantly surprised." —Ryan H.

9. "I'd purchase all the mom-and-pop shops to ensure they stay in business forever." —Anne Louise K.

10. "I would just build more salad places and froyo places in general because those are my favorite foods and everything else is cramping my basicness." —Dana V.

11. "I would become a superhero and stop crime. Duh." —Erica L.

What would you change about New York? Share your answers below and play games from the New York Lottery for your chance to get rich, and make a change!