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    Posted on Jun 9, 2016

    This Woman's Excitement Sums Up How Everyone Feels About Seeing Queen Bey


    On June 5, Jade Mayo of Marlboro, New Jersey and her brother, Shannon Stokes, surprised their mom for her 65th birthday with Queen Bey tickets. Her reaction was the same as anyone's when they realize they’re going to be in the presence of the queen.

    We are about to tell my mother the surprise that we are not taking her to a party, but to see @Beyonce

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @LE_BONES

    Before realizing she was about to get in formation, she was under the impression that they were going to a family party.

    Here's the video of us telling my mother she's going to see @Beyonce #FormationWorldTour

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @LE_BONES

    “We told her as we were about to pull into a parking lot near Lincoln Financial Field. She still didn’t believe us until we got our wristbands for Beyhive/VIP area on the stage,” Jade told BuzzFeed.

    Pt 2. Of the #FormationWorldTour Bday Surprise for my mom @Beyonce

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @LE_BONES

    That's right... Jade and her brother got their mother VIP tickets. You know that's real love.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @LE_BONES

    "She loves her records and how intense of a performer she is. Plus my mother loves to dance, so naturally she's a fan of hers," Jade told BuzzFeed.

    And her mother's gratitude was SO real.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @LE_BONES

    "She's still in shock — she says it felt like a dream. She just watches all the videos we took on her phone every day," Jade told BuzzFeed.

    STADIUM STATUS #FormationWorldTour @Beyonce @shannon_sense

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @LE_BONES

    Safe to say, Jade and her brother got the children of the year award for this. 🐝🐝