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This Little Girl Is Making Handbags With Essential Supplies For The Homeless And It's Remarkable

One lady said, "you make me feeling like a human being."

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PopSugar Celebrity recently post a video of 9-year-old Khloe Thompson, who launched her own charity initiative, Khloe Kares, providing handmade bags with daily essentials for women who are homeless.

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Khloe was inspired to start Khloe Kares when she continued to see people who were homeless in her neighborhood.

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"I would pass the same homeless people, and then I would always ask my mom why or how did they get there? And she would tell me and I would feel bad," she told PopSugar Celebrity.


She designed the bags to be cute and reusable and to show how much she cares.

PopSugar Celebrity / Via Facebook: PopSugarCelebrity

"I would think they could have a nice, sturdy bag so that they can keep forever and it wouldn't just break like a regular plastic bag," she told PopSugar Celebrity.

Khloe has even taught her mother and great-grandmother how to be more respectful and helpful to others.

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"She has kind of opened our eyes to be more helpful, to be more respectful, and just be more aware," they told PopSugar Celebrity.